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In the beginning was the word and the word was stories…

Stories are the lifeblood of our lives – the quintessentially human way we connect with each other.

Stories bring us together and set us apart.

Help us make sense of ourselves and our world.

Define and galvanise us.

Colour our days, and our dreams.

Encourage us to think, feel and act differently.

Through stories more than any other means, we share beliefs and ideas, hopes and fears, aims and ambitions; we win hearts and change minds; we get our true selves across and carry others along with us as we go.

So stories are pretty special, and certain stories are key.

It could be the annual report to your stakeholders, setting out what you’ve done to live your core purpose and create lasting value through the year….

It might be the creation myth that sets you on your way as a start-up, and helps to keep you going as you press on with your own particular vision of changing the world for the better…

Perhaps it’s the story that marks a key point in your journey as a company – the chance to look back at what you’ve achieved and forward to where you are heading…

Maybe it’s the story that gets to the heart of why the people you’d really like to join your team should join your team…

Or the story that brings to life your own particular passion in life…

Whatever it is, it’s a story that matters deeply to you. One that needs to be told as well as possible, with meaning and melody – so it not only makes sense, but sounds good too, and in so doing strikes the right chord.

These are the stories I help to tell. Clearly, characterfully – faithfully for my clients.